Tora Creates a Thought-Provoking Atmosphere

Tora Creates a Thought-Provoking Atmosphere

The electronic music scene is a scene built on collaboration between fellow artists and the reinterpretation of another’s creation. And it’s my love for electronic music and my obsession with Galiamatis’s remix of their track ‘Jaigantic’ that has lead me into the arms of Tora. These Australian lads first hit the scene late 2013, testing the waters with one of their gateway tracks “Captivate” guaranteed to take the listener on an amazingly simplistic and chillwave journey guided by heavily accented vocals.

It’s quite apparent by indulging in their latest EP, “Eat The Sun”, that these boys have grown to experiment with more sound effects and sampling, increasing their chilling creativity and the intended thought-provoking atmosphere. Their first track “Sugar Snap” is a beautifully clever and alluring piece that captures the reluctance to fall victim to seduction. The melodic guitar riff throughout the track holds as a strong foundation while the synthesizers and bass snuggle in right beside it giving the ultimate post R&B warm and fuzzy feeling. But I have to say that their title track, “Eat The Sun”, stands out the most. It features mysterious and intriguing sound samples, in which its origins I have yet to put my finger on. I would highly recommend listening to this track with high-definition headphones so you could truly appreciate the varying textures and tones that make up this musical journey towards aurora. Not to mention the tempo change that oddly adds to the musicians’ creditability, as not many are able to pull that off as smooth.

Tora is a very young band in the early stages of success and they have yet to bless the U.S with their first appearance. But there is no doubt in my mind that their following will be instant when they first touch down.

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For fans of: Years & Years, How To Dress Well, James Blake, Toro Y Moi


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