The World’s Most Famous Busker, Glen Hansard

The World’s Most Famous Busker, Glen Hansard

From the streets of Dublin to the stage of the Academy Awards, it has been an incredible journey for the world’s most famous busker, Glen Hansard. With a voice has rough as gravel on whiskey flowing atop words and melodies that will make you remember what it’s like to be in love again, there is no denying the talent of this music veteran.

But what makes Hansard so special is that his success comes from his music and not from the gains that have come from it. He famously busked on the streets with Bono from U2 on Christmas Eve two years ago, and in that moment he encapsulated what music is about. It is about people coming together and expressing their deepest emotions. And when that happens, we fall in love. We stop fearing being understood because we realize that everyone feels the same way. The fame, the money, all those bells and whistles are not what it is about, it is what being a celebrity is all about.

Glen Hansard has just announced that he will be releasing a new album in September titled Didn’t He Ramble. The record will be the follow-up to his widely acclaimed 2012 solo debut, Rhythm and Repose, and from the teaser video for the song, “Winning Streak,” it looks like we are in the park for a worthy follow up. With rumors of Iron and Wine making an appearance on the album, and many other exciting snips and teasers, it just goes to show that if you make music for the love of it and leave the rest at the door, you can’t possibly come out short. Honesty is a connective force that runs deeper than the dollar, and I feel so lucky to hear it.



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