The Swells and Changes of Young Rapids

The Swells and Changes of Young Rapids

Y​ears ago, in 2011, I was a student at a recording academy in the Greater Washington, D.C. area. At the time, I was playing in a local effect-based driven band and when one of my professors learned of this, he asked for me to open for him and his band, Young Rapids, at Velvet Lounge downtown. Since that show, I have watched that band I played with in a cluttered room, creaking with the uncertainty that any night, and seen what has come to pass. Today, they are at the forefront of the DC music scene. And in less than a month, they will be tackling the scene’s highest prestige- a show at The 9:30 Club.

The years have given way to several creations from the band- one EP and two full length records, all available on bandcamp for streaming and download. What I have come to find that I love most about this band is that they change.The song, the sound, is always moving in a new direction. From their first record, Day Light Savings, to their 2015 release Pretty Ugly, there are very few things to find in common between the two. Day Light Savings sounds like a band in a room, it sounds like the whiskey is lighting the room, it is a canvas with no filters but emotion laced to the brim with authenticity.

Released in March 2015, there follow up, Pretty Ugly, is falling to the other side of the spectrum, far more elements of experimentation and production, and what authenticity was lost was gained in quality. But in the end, they manage to still sound like four incredibly talented guys in a room lit with those whiskey candles, making music that they love and stand behind. Either is a treat of a listen, one more than the other depending on the weather outside. I’m excited to see how they bring it all together next month when they make it back home.

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