The Perfection of Imperfection with Pins

The Perfection of Imperfection with Pins

Somewhere along the road, as time has passed, the idea of what is the right take has changed. In the 60s and 70s, the right take was the moment. It was setting up the microphones in the room and waiting for that feeling to come. If you put any Beatles record to a click track, you would be shocked to find that it is not perfectly placed on the grid. But if you listen to it, how could you deny it as incredible music? But now with the tape reels in the garage, and digital editing dominating the music world, we have found more and more that the right take has been chosen not based on the sound, but the mathematics behind it.

The Manchester-based band Pins with their sophomore album Wild Hearts has continued to challenge that notion. They play with their hearts and not their minds, and what has been created is an organic sound that, though is stylistically not groundbreaking, is their own. The record is full of gems that are not only instrumental, but lyrical. One of my favorite songs off the new release, “If Only,” repeats the lines, ‘I don’t know what to do with myself’ over and over again and finally finds resolve with the words, ‘I tell myself that I’m okay, but honestly… I don’t believe me.’ There is an honestly in the writing that can only truly be revealed by an honesty that comes from a sound that sounds like a couple of young gals in a room together singing about what they feel and who they are.

Music is the great bridge, and what makes it so is simply the idea that the person singing the song and you are no different from one another. When you hear something that sounds real, it makes you feel like it is possible to achieve that greatness, to achieve that level of expression. But in today’s overproduced pop world, we are more disconnected from the music than we have ever been. I applaud the courage of bands like Pins for coming out of the curtain, turning up the amps and playing like noone is watching.



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