Stranger Cat, A Not So Strange Girl With A Passion

Stranger Cat, A Not So Strange Girl With A Passion

On a Monday night, I drove a few blocks down to 9th Street NW to the DC9, one of DC’s hot spots for upcoming bands and independent touring acts. I was on my way to see Porcelain Raft to continue an interview and review his show, but we will get to that later. The lights were set, the stage was buzzing with equipment and lights, dazzling the wonder of the crowds imagination. Then a girl walked up onto the stage, dressed in lace and bells, looking like she could have been anyone in that crowd. At first I honestly had no idea she was the opening act, but once the track began, and she opened her lips, I was floored.

Behind the synthesizers, behind the lights and heavy bass, was an incredible voice of power and passion that I had not heard on a stage in a long time. The first time she said anything, a few songs into her set, was laughing after someone sent her an instant message on her laptop and everyone heard it’s arrival on the speaker. She smiled and joked while keeping her persona of mystery, and what would have been a moment of shyness was a moment of connectivity.

After the show, I found her at the merch table and once the crowds had passed one by one, I got to sit down and just ask her, ‘Who is Stranger Cat’? She is young and she has been around, touring with S​haron Van Etten, Sufjan Stevens, and Marissa Nadler, just to name a few. She has been touring all through the USA and Europe. But these things were not what impressed me; she impressed me with who she was. She never named dropped, though she could have. She never boosted, and she definitely could have. What she did was look at me with starry eyes and unbroken attention and told me music was everything to her, and I believed every word of it.

Her music is amazing because she’d rather be doing nothing else, she caters only to her artistic soul. The truth is there is nothing strange about this girl. She seems to have one of the clearest minds I’ve gotten to meet in a while. If you are looking to get into something really special and a little off the radar, check out her new LP Into The Wilderness.

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