Show Review: Porcelain Raft @ DC9

Show Review: Porcelain Raft @ DC9

The first date of Porcelain Raft’s US tour took place on a Monday night live at the DC9 in Washington, D.C. The room was buzzing from the sounds of his opener, Stranger Cat, as a lone man took the stage under the bright lights and began to dazzle the crowd with his mastery of not only his instruments, but his external gear that manipulated the sounds into incredible pictures of colour.

This was a night for new songs, and M​auro Remiddi was very humble to share with the crowd saying, ‘I have never played this before, so wish me luck.’ The crowd chanted back ‘Good Luck!’ and sent him off into a flawless rendition of his new work. When the songs would end, Remiddi would laugh and say, ‘The luck must have worked,’ but he is humble far beyond his ability and talent. There are very few shows that baffle me. As a musician and an audio engineer I am always looking at the gear, figuring out in my head, ‘How is he doing it?’ But honestly, I was completely consumed with questions as to what was doing what, and had no way to anticipate the waves of soundscapes that filled the room in tides.

But my favorite part of the night was by far his last song. The lights cut, with only a single lamp on stage barely lighting the room. He invited the entire crowd to join him on the stage, and as we sat around a campfire of knobs and cables, he handed the girl next to me what looked like a small computer chip. The computer chip was reacting to the lamp, creating different sounds as she moved it closer and further away, and for a second I could see her feel like she had entered his world, even just for a second. The sound intensified and at its near peak, Remiddi simply walked off the stage to the sound of cheering and applause, and retreated to his dressing room. We cheered and screamed until, moments later, he returned to the stage.


He is an incredible act to see live, a true innovator of gear and songwriting, and when blended together, he creates a sound that could only be described as floating down the river on a porcelain raft.



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