Show Review: Penguin Prison @ U Street Music Hall 5.14.2015

Show Review: Penguin Prison @ U Street Music Hall 5.14.2015

Ever since catching a glimpse of Penguin Prison on tour with RAC last October, I’ve been anxiously on alert for a headline show from this NYC-native electropop heartthrob. Having just released his second full-length LP, Lost in New York, on May 4th, Chris Glover of Penguin Prison was already hitting the road with his live band, making DC is second stop after his sold out record release show in his hometown.

Arriving to the venue bright, early and camera-ready, I was a little disappointed with the openers due to their revival of early 2000s pop punk that would have been better off staying six feet under. And I could tell that the majority of the crowd shared similar sentiments.

But as soon as Penguin Prison took the stage, the crowd’s spirits became engulfed in a bittersweet electropop symphony as they started their set with their popular single “Calling Out.” Dressed in a hipster white tee and white skinny jeans with a denim jacket to top off the swag, Chris Glover showed the relaxation and confidence of a musician who had been performing for decades. The entire live band showed great enthusiasm and chemistry as they smiled and danced, instruments in hand. Chris even displayed some showmanship with his behind-the-head guitar playing during the lastest single, “Try To Lose.” The crowd stayed engaged throughout the entire set, taking in slow synth ballads like “Caught in a Daze,” but also embracing hyper glittery grooves like “Show Me The Way.” And of course, the encore included none other than “Don’t Fuck With My Money” with special guest EVERYONE as there was not one person who did not know the words to the song.



After the show, I spoke briefly to Chris Glover, expressing my melancholy due to them not playing my favorite track off the new album “Stop Moving.” However, it became apparent that he took his live sets quite seriously after expressing that the atmosphere of the song didn’t resonate as well live and that’s why it didn’t make the setlist. I have much respect for artists that pay that much attention to detail.

In the end, Penguin Prison is going to remain on my list of artists who I can’t get enough of. Until then, I’ll go back to anxiously awaiting the next DC visit.

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Calling Out
Try to Lose
A Funny Thing
Golden Train
The Worse It Gets
Caught in a Daze
Never Gets Old
Run It Up
Show Me The Way
All Night Long (Lionel Richie Cover)
Don’t Fuck With My Money



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