Review: TORA @ Rockwood Music Hall 4.29.2015

Review: TORA @ Rockwood Music Hall 4.29.2015

I wrote a review on TΩRA a couple weeks ago and I was ecstatic to be invited to see them play in NYC during their incognito visit to the U.S. They played at Rockwood Music Hall, which is the kind of place where you walk in and seemingly everyone knows each other and you’re totally going to stand out if you’re flying solo. Which was totally me.

TΩRA took the stage a little after 7pm, stepping out from the bar and its patrons to entertain such an intimate setting. They were instantly relatable by appearance and demeanor right off the back as they started off their set with Get Like It, the first track from their self-titled EP. Their sound was incredibly polished and it felt like I was listening to studio recordings. It was also interesting to see the primary vocalist switch between Tobias, Jo and Jai as they progressed through their setlist as well as the beautiful harmony created among all 3. In between the adorable stage banter about the bipolar U.S. weather, the following additional songs were played (This is totally from memory by the way because I rule at life):

Calming Her
Future Man
No One Real
Due to Lies (especially gloomy and gorgeous live)
These Eyes
Sugar Snap
Eat the Sun

After chatting with Tobias, Shaun and Thorne of TΩRA, I was so surprised to hear that the band had only been together for 2 years. It seemed like they’d been together much longer because of the maturity in their sound. Needless to say, I was absolutely honored to be able to see them in their early stages. I’m looking forward to seeing their popularity spread like wildfire.

TΩRA is:
Tobias – Keyboard, Synths, Vocals
Thorne – Drums
Jai – Guitar, Vocals
Shaun – Bass
Jo – Guitar, Synth, Vocals


Photographer: Ebonie Butler

“Look at your bathing in your golden cries…”

Tora @ Rockwood Music Hall. Lower East Side. April 29th 2015.