Remembering How To Be With The Eagles

Remembering How To Be With The Eagles


For the past few weeks, I have been completely obsessed with the debut record of the legendary band The Eagles. I don’t know how this obsession came to pass, but it has taken a hold on me like no other, and the more I listen and read about this band and the time they were in, I come to find a yearning to go back in time.

Many of us will ask what made the greats great, what made those records so iconic that even today people that have long since left the stage sell records to the kids of a whole new generation. The answer is simple- they were singing about something, about a whole new time, and a whole new way to be. But now the dust has settled on the calendar. The urge, the angst, is behind us and people make records for money and not for the road, not for the experience of emotional regurgitation. This record and all of their records from the 1970s capture the moments of that generation like a photograph, but not just the image; the emotion, the voice and most of all, a peaceful easy feeling that everything was going to be okay.

My favorite line from the record is the simply put, “We will never be here again.” This moment is forever passing into the next, and there are no fireworks for the days we don’t notice passing. From the incredible recording work of Glen Johns, to the songwriting of Henley & Frey, and beyond, take a journey back to a time where music was made for love and peace, when music was about not knowing what was coming next. They might tell you it is overrated, they might tell you that it’s old, but it has never been further from the truth of what being alive is all about. Sometimes we just need something to remind us of who we were, and that will guide us down the path of who we want to be.


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