Alex Vargas – ‘Till Forever Runs Out EP Review

Alex Vargas – ‘Till Forever Runs Out EP Review

When an artist is able to not only draw your attention to their work but make you feel the emotional experience behind its creation, their talent is unquestionable. And when I first watched Alex Vargas’ solo performance of his heart-wrenching ballad “Solid Ground” for Mahogany Sessions (, I felt that cold feeling that brews inside of you when you realize you’ve lost something that you tried so hard to keep in your grasp. Just because you weren’t good enough to keep it. There’s unfortunate beauty in the relatable agony and I knew that this was an artist I wanted to keep an eye on. Luckily, shortly after being mesmerized by his passionate agony, this London-based heart throb released his latest EP titled Till Forever Runs Out back in early April 2015.

It becomes apparent that Alex Vargas is quite gifted in his passionate lyrical expression upon first listen of his fiery cinematic title track as he sings of an awakening love:

“So I’m burning

Love has lit me

Hold my head from the ground.”

The organ synthesizer and the ghostly drums create an eery and glittery atmosphere as the light piano backs the melody. As the ballad progresses and the guitars begin to swell, it invokes butterflies in your stomach as you remember how you felt when you fell hard for someone.

My favorite of the EP, “Oh Love, How You Break Me Up,” does a 180°, taking a look at the darker side of love as this 27-year-old Pisces belts out of the pain behind being strung along. Musically, it fits right in the with the post R&B trend that has been on the rise this year, settling in with the sounds of The Weeknd and James Blake, although Vargas’ sound is more guitar driven.

The conveniently named last track of the is EP is called “Lasting Song” and it returns to the forever beauty one finds in their significant other. The pulsing ambience throughout the track spawns a minimalistic foundation to showcase his gorgeous serenading vocals. Like the previous tracks, the lyrics are simplistic, straight-forward and relatable.

Alex Vargas has been making music since 2006 and listening back to his previous EPs, it’s clear that he went in a more modern direction with Till Forever Runs Out than just the standard singer-songwriter style. I can honestly say that I feel very lucky to have come across such an honest musician. I’ll be anxiously awaiting to be able to experience his music live to see how the emotional intensity transfers to the stage.

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