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Two Inch Astronaut to Tour Europe

When it comes to giving it live, few give such raw power and fun as carelessly as Two Inch Astronaut. Matt Gatwood (drums), Sam Rosenberg (Guitar and Vocals) and Andy Chervenak (bass) will be appearing May 25 in Leeds, UK and end June 15 in Paris. These will ascend.... read more

The Southern Belles – New Album

Currently on tour in Colorado, Richmond Virginia’s The Southern Belles will be releasing yet another album. There are few bands on the radar that do what The Belles do. A southern blend of jam rock that will make even the toughest jam band hater smile in pure aural delight. A mind blowing experience live. I can’t imagine that The Southern Belles don’t currently own the jam genre in the eyes of damn near everyone that’s heard them. read more

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Sunday Mornings & The Not So Wasted Years of Lou Reed

Sunday Mornings & The Not So Wasted Years of Lou Reed

It’s crazy to think that both of my parents could tell me exactly what they did the day they heard John Lennon was murdered, how they cried and grieved over a man that they never knew. We see this image of someone, and we want to believe it so much because it makes us think things that we have been told are impossible in our own lives, are possible. I remember where I was October 28th 2013, the day I was told that Lou Reed had passed away. I was staying at a hostel in Bucharest, Romania when one of the staff members, a 19 year old kid from Minnesota, broke the news to me. Lou Reed’s music was one of my all time favorite listens. My ears simply locked into the puzzles in his vibrations with equal yet opposing grooves. I was on the verge of tears to hear that now that was it; there would never be another Lou Reed song in the world. But when I ran around the hostel to spread the news to all the other staff and guests, I came to find that no one in the entire hostel knew who he was except for me and the kid from the Mid West. As we played his music on the speakers in the main lobby, I saw Lou Reed in a very different light. In this cultural bubble I was enveloped in, I had come to think of him as that impossible that made it to the height of stardom, and so somehow he must have been something more. But the truth was... read more

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The Eagles, “Take It To The Limit (Live at The Capital Centre 1977)”

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